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Product portfolio

Tobias Grau - Product portfolio

Tobias Grau manufactures award-winning design lamps in Hamburg, creating light for modern spaces in the home and office. The brand stands for innovative lighting technology, minimalist lamp design, high-quality materials and energy efficiency.

The challenge

As a manufacturer, the range of products offered by the existing web store was aimed primarily at B2B customers and is structured and designed accordingly. As a supplement to this, a better way of presenting the products in an appealing way was to be created as early as 2015, which would allow a more flexible handling of content and enable the first steps towards direct sales (D2C).


The solution

With Advanced Custom Fields, a construction kit for CMS-based product landing pages was created in WordPress© that can map the entire range of products from Tobias Grau . In addition, store features such as product information, product links (Related Products) and a dynamic shopping cart were integrated via XML interfaces.

This enables comprehensive storytelling that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the staging of objects and the presentation of product details. At the same time, a seamless transition to the web store is ensured, overcoming the often awkward separation between portfolio and purchase.

The result

The client, as a designer himself also in charge of the user interface design, uses the website intensively for product campaigns and regularly expands and optimizes the feature set. This also gives the marketing team plenty of scope for innovation and experimentation without having to intervene in the webshop right away.

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