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Customized solutions with Magentoshop / Adobe Commerce

The great open source store system for your own solid e-commerce infrastructure. Extensive core functions cover especially the challenges for B2B very well. Thanks to the open architecture, we also flexibly implement very special customizations as individually programmed extensions.

Magento - the maximum flexible e-commerce platform

Magento/Adobe Commerce solves the complex challenges for medium and large online stores at the highest level. It fully adapts to your workflows and integrates with your existing e-commerce infrastructure. Either through one of the numerous existing extensions or through individually programmed solutions. With Magento/Adobe Commerce, there are no limits.

Easily create website content and promotions

Magento 2 has a new straightforward user interface. Drag-and-drop tools let you create or customize content depending on the occasion. Without much effort and support from developers.

Sell B2C, B2B and D2C in one central platform

Your existing e-commerce infrastructure such as ERP or PIM systems can be seamlessly integrated. Thanks to open source and the open architecture, all requirements can be solved. Magento/Adobe Commerce is particularly well positioned as a B2B solution.

Unrestricted customization of functions

Everything is possible: e.g. an impressive store frontend for your customers, an automated process in the backend or a helpful and useful tool to manifest your unique selling proposition. Strengthen the benefit for your customers with individual functions and thus your positioning in the market.

Top performance and accessibility

The Magento/Adobe Commerce store system is hosted on dedicated servers. This allows any rush of visitors to be intercepted. We provide the optimal technical environment for the live store and all other staging servers. Thanks to continuous integration, the store is automatically tested with every change. This effectively avoids errors and ensures a permanently resilient store.

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