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DCM Stories - Storytelling website

As a production studio and film distributor, DCM Film Distribution GmbH places storytelling at the center of its activities. Among other things, DCM produced the Bibi & Tina films and acts as distributor for several Oscar winners, such as The Artist and Moonlight.

The challenge

The high demand on storytelling and the company motto "Create to Inspire" were decisive for the relaunch of the new corporate website. Based on the concept and design of the Swiss MADE Identity AG, the task was to combine the special identity of DCM with flexible and robust content management. So that there is room for good films and good stories.


The solution

With the CMS WordPress, a system of templates for different content types was created, which can be easily operated by the editorial team, allowing different focal points for films and stories. Since DCM is also active in Switzerland, the website was developed for both the DE and CH markets, as well as for several languages. At the same time, it serves as an archive for the films. 

The benefit

This has provided DCM with a flexible system to easily promote current stories and films in multiple languages, while maintaining the individual look and feel of the brand.

The store

In addition to the stories, DCM offers merchandising products, which were integrated into the Wordpress website using the Shopify Buy button. This way, a simple store functionality was created with little effort and cost - and with the best possible user experience and performance that you are used to from Shopify.

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