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We are specialized in your special needs.

Our focus is on your online store. We advise you, design your appearance and develop your business - and stay by your side in the long term.

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Strategy and consulting

We understand your business model and work with you in workshops to develop realistic goals and promising measures. In addition, we stand by your side with experience and expertise as a reliable partner.

User Experience Design

We believe that successful products and services put the customer first. That's why we also look at your project from the user's perspective. Our experience helps us just as much as well-founded research and user tests. We combine the knowledge gained from this with contemporary user interface design - always according to the rules of your brand.

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Development and Operations

Nothing works without technology. Even in times of NoCode and SaaS, you need technical understanding and know-how - especially when you want to create something special. Thanks to our many years of experience "in-house" and established testing and integration frameworks, we leave no stone unturned here, no matter which: system integration, programming of frontend and backend or interfaces.

Project management

Successful projects are based on the right decisions. To make them, it's important that everyone involved is heard, knows what they can each contribute and is motivated. We take care that different interests come together to create the best possible result - within time and budget. To do this, we use established methods such as Agile and Kanban without getting bogged down in them, because - it's all about the people!

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Workshops with the Kombinat

Of course, there is more to a successful store.

We advise and support you in all important topics around your store. For this purpose, we have an extensive network of experts and teams for whom we put our hand in the fire.

We remain your main contact and lead the various measures of the network with our project management. So everything stays in one head and comes from one source.

Online marketing

No audience, no sales. Performance marketing drives traffic to the website. We turn these prospects into customers.


Any organic visibility on Google saves marketing budget. Often SEO also raises strategic questions: What is our niche, who are our customers?


Understandable and relevant content for websites is the best thing you can offer for your customers. Then they'll be happy to come back.

User Testing

A customer who finds his way around easily is also happy to buy. User testing clarifies this in a very concentrated and fast way, so that little stands in the way of sales.

Web analytics

Gaining lasting insights into the behavior of users on the website and constantly improving the offer. What do most customers find interesting on the website? What is clicked on a lot and what a little?

Brand Design

A strong brand is essential for products and companies. A unique, recognizable brand asserts itself more easily in competition and creates trust.

We've got this covered.

There are always many things that are responsible for the success of a store. We help you to keep the overview and move forward step by step.

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