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Our offer

Just the store you need right now.

Whether as a customized individual development or compact services solution. We put your business model on the road.

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All tools for your marketing

Manage campaigns according to your marketing plan and quickly create meaningful landing pages. Automations and the integration of tools such as loyalty programs or product drops leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to clear analytics data, you can always keep an eye on the success of your measures.

Scale securely with your business

We offer solutions for an extremely fast time-to-market. We develop extensions and optimizations according to your needs. This allows you to react quickly to changes in the market and to internationalize step by step. The performance is always right, even with visitor peaks.

Create an experience for your customers

Surprise your customers with an outstanding product presentation and a flawless shopping experience that matches your brand. This promises not only higher conversion rates, but also satisfaction on all sides.

Integrate your workflows

We integrate your existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM and PIM) and help you expand and align your sales channels - with APIs for marketplaces, social commerce or POS in your store.

What does your dream store need?

Which features are essential for you? What can your current store do - what can't it do? Where are you going with your business?

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Make your business as you want - we build you the right online store for it.

Whether you serve your customers as a retailer or want to push your own brand. No matter whether your business runs through the specialized trade or is aimed at professionals. Do your thing!

From retailer to consumer (B2C)

Make yourself independent of marketplaces and social networks as a retailer. With your own store you have full data sovereignty, direct customer relations, extensive marketing tools - and with Kombinat a reliable service partner.

B2C store system Shopify
Kombinat Team

Keep control (D2C)

Sell your product directly to your customers - without intermediaries, with full control over the entire supply chain, your brand and your assortment. Design your business model according to your needs. Get direct feedback from your customers and build sustainable customer relationships.

D2C direct sales
Kombinat Team

Present your products and your brand

Tell the story of your products and your brand. Present yourself exactly as you want, without the compromises in the assortment of your retailers. Give your customers a vivid impression of your offer through storytelling.

Product portfolio and storytelling
Kombinat Team

Your portal for sales and specialized trade (B2B)

Optimize your relationship with your customers through better workflows for purchasing, assortment design and customer management. Create tools that reduce the burden on sales and field service and strengthen your position in the trade.

B2B reseller portal
Kombinat Team

What is your business model?

B2B, D2C, B2C or a hybrid? Or do different business areas need to be connected? We are always curious and help you with our diverse experience.

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