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Get started with Shopify

Switch to Shopify now and benefit from the advantages of a cloud-based store solution. We guide and accompany you every step of the way.

Shopify has many advantages

store design through
modern themes

Short time-to-market and fast build-up of new features

Sophisticated, intuitive backend and flexible configuration

Best performance
and always up-to-date through cloud solution

Quick start and scalability

Ideal for a first test of your new business idea. Once the store is up and running, it can be easily expanded and extended. Unlike other systems like WooCommerce, there is no end in sight. Shopify is built for growth and scalability.

Easy migration of your data

Shopify is also perfect as a basis for the relaunch of your established store. There are migration services for all common systems that reliably and quickly transfer all data to Shopify.


Shopify makes your store very flexible and customizable to your specific needs. Be it in the look & feel that exactly matches your brand or features that make your service special for your customers.

Shopify Case Studies

Our successful Shopify projects have all started with a special requirement

Kombinat developed with the right system

Shopify makes stores more successful

Want to learn more about Shopify and the advantages over on-premise store systems? Let's talk, book a free consultation now.

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Why we are your Shopify partner

E-commerce experience

We have been building online stores for 20 years. Over the years, we have learned the different aspects of B2B and B2C e-commerce and developed solutions for various business models. With cloud-based online shopping à la Shopify, an evolutionary leap has recently taken place. Our claim is to actively shape this.

Structured processes

We are small as an agency, but we control a strong network of freelancers and service providers. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in our projects, we build on established workflows and processes. We use Design Thinking, Agile and LeanUX - to the extent that these methods fit our clients and projects. Projects are always led by our experienced project managers and embedded in a professional technical infrastructure (deployment, staging, testing, etc.).

Full-Stack Development

Thanks to our many years of experience with on-premise store systems such as Magento and Shopware, we are top fit when it comes to custom programming, app development and connecting the infrastructure (APIs, PoS, ERP, CRM, etc.) This means we are perfectly positioned to also map special business models in Shopify, even if apps have to be developed for them.

Enabling and support

Once we have developed and delivered an online store, we always empower our customers with training and help them get started. We then become a reliable partner for all our customers and offer ongoing service and support. Services such as data analytics, content optimization, social marketing and other building blocks for a successful online store are complemented by established partners.

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