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Dreierhopp - Product Drop D2C Shop

The brand Dreierhopp sells mini runs of clothing and accessories in its online store in so-called "product drops". Within an extremely short time, these editions are sold out, according to the motto: first come, first served.

The challenge

The brand has so far conducted its sales on a Magento 2 store. However, this store system requires continuous attention, as there are always security updates to install. This generated too high costs. In addition, the simultaneous rush of masses to the store had to be absorbed by temporarily increasing server performance. This also involved manual effort and costs. When switching to another store system, there was the concern that the functions for a "product drop" could not be implemented with an existing extension. Individual programming was required here.


The solution

Shopify was able to meet all these requirements ideally. The special "Product Drop" extension was individually programmed directly in the theme. The store manager:in can set the time of the drop in the backend and everything else will happen automatically. The sudden rush of users is easily absorbed by Shopify. There is nothing to do - except to process the many orders. The Billbee merchandise management system was connected for this purpose. This organizes shipping as a team, so that all of the happy customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

The benefit

With the new Shopify store, there is no longer a large complex system to maintain yourself. It is always up to date. The implementation of the "Product Drop" feature in the theme could be used quickly and easily. Including user interface for the store manager:in. The performance of the store is now no longer a problem. It just runs no matter how many customers access the store.

The result

The Shopify store now runs reliably for each of these sales campaigns without any further support. The costs have decreased significantly and are more predictable. Extensions are possible at any time, so the store can also flexibly adapt to future business developments.

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