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The secure CMS for organizations

TYPO3 is the content management system (CMS) trusted by most large organizations and institutions in Germany. For more than 20 years it has been the leading open source CMS, used in more than 1 million websites worldwide. Kombinat has been successfully using TYPO3 for more than 15 years.

TYPO3 is flexible and resilient

TYPO3 is enormously flexible and at the same time offers a technically broad foundation on which to build permanently. Thus, compared to WordPress, it is more extensive, resilient, secure and expandable. External systems can be connected without restrictions. Be it to integrate e.g. event management systems or course booking systems.

Modular and easy to use

The content on your website must be able to be adapted and developed at any time. At the same time, they need a predefined framework so that everything stays in the predefined design and shows your website in the best light. Kombinat creates a modular system for this with TYPO3, which makes it easy for editors to work with maximum design fidelity. The rights/roles system for editors and administrators is extremely solid and can be fine-tuned for specific groups.

Functions easily expandable

Everything your website needs can be integrated. Either from the huge offer of the community or custom-developed by Kombinat . In addition, external systems such as CRMs or course booking systems can be connected. This allows you to create closed and smooth workflows.

Scalable for additional target markets

This is a great strength that is often overlooked: With TYPO3, multilingualism is already deeply integrated out of the box and works flawlessly. Thus, nothing stands in the way of opening up further target groups or target markets. Even your own website for the new market under your own domain can be implemented without any problems using on-board resources. This is immediately noticeable in the error-free and consistent use of the input interface.

Loads quickly

Fast loading times are always important. And TYPO3 is fast, we make it even faster in our infrastructure with sophisticated and proven caching mechanisms.

Reliable and secure thanks to open source

As open source software, TYPO3 has many advantages: The code is free to change, there are numerous extensions and there is a large community actively working to keep the system secure and stable. And all this without monthly fees or license costs!

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