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Teeshop Berlin - Shopify B2C

The Teeshop Berlin has been a place for tea lovers for over 30 years and is already run by the second generation. The offer includes over 300 tea varieties of the Ronnefeldt brand and a wide selection of renowned tea manufacturers. In addition, he offer accessories around preparation and storage - on site in store and now also online as Shopify Shop.

The challenge

Teeshop has a long-standing, broad customer base that also regularly orders tea and accessories online. The aging online store based on ePages was to be renewed to better meet contemporary requirements for design, store functions and reach. It was important to give the tea store a fresher look and to make it possible to experience the brand when shopping online without upsetting the regular customers. At the same time, the conversion must not jeopardize visibility in search engines.


The solution

Shopify offers a professional platform for combining brick-and-mortar stores and online channels, especially for small retailers like Teeshop. The new store was developed on the basis of a Shopify theme that is specially designed for multi-channel solutions with POS integration. Not without first working out all the requirements for the re-launch and development perspectives, such as local pickup, in a workshop together with the customer.

The benefit

Teeshop is now well positioned for the next few years and can position itself strongly as an online specialty retailer in the segment. The appealing presentation of the products and the many conveniences of Shopify in terms of store management, API integrations, customer management and monitoring are a milestone in online business for our customer.

The result

The new store was developed by us as a Shopify basic package with configuration and theme styling - including the apps required for the German market (e.g. for cookie consent). The theme was adapted and extended at certain points, e.g. with the integration of a custom font. In the further course of the project, the shopping experience was rounded off with additional apps. Of course, the customer was initially trained in the Shopify backend, but was also intensively supported by our project management throughout the entire project and advised on all questions.

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