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Geuder - Shopify B2B Portfolio Website

Geuder AG develops high-precision surgical instruments and equipment systems for ophthalmic surgeons. For already 70 years, Geuder AG has combined tradition of craftsmanship with technological progress. This makes Geuder AG one of the world's leading full-range suppliers in ophthalmology.

The challenge

B2B client has many products that were presented in a TYPO3 CMS. So far, the sale took place exclusively via contact with the sales department. In the medium term, however, our client would like to make its products available to its customers via a B2B reseller platform. Previously, a rebranding of the brand was implemented, so that the appearance of the customer has also changed significantly.

The most important trade show date of the year was just a few weeks away. Until then, the new brand had to be presented first and foremost. However, the multitude of products, which were presented as very different information pages, could not be defined as saleable products in all variants for online sales in the short time available. Therefore, a solution was needed that could accommodate the current situation of product presentation. It should also be avoided that there is an interim solution, which is created only for the short purpose and then thrown into the garbage can. At the same time, future online sales should be prepared.


The solution

Since Shopify OS2.0 it is possible to build landing pages very flexibly. It offers extensive possibilities to implement individual templates by means of content modules. So it was decided that on the basis of Shopify all pages will be built as individual presentation pages. News, events and press releases were easily implemented with the blog. The usual store functionalities like product catalogs, user account, shopping cart and checkout were hidden for the time being. Adapting the selected theme to the new corporate design required programming in the frontend in particular. Thus, many modules were extended or new ones were created, e.g. the exact assignment of an H1 per page (for SEO) and a module for an alternative view of the hero image with colored headlines on mobile devices (Responsive Web Design).

The benefit

Compared to classic CMSs, Shopify was able to fully exploit its advantages as a fast and uncomplicated store system. Compared to conventional CMSs such as TYPO3, WordPress or Webflow, there were hardly any compromises to be made. And thanks to the new Shopify "meta objects", all special features could be implemented with individual solutions. Shopify's administration interface, on the other hand, beats even the highly praised Webflow in terms of clarity, comfort and flexibility (WordPress is overrated in this respect anyway, and TYPO3 can't even compete in this category). Using a drag-and-drop editor with extensive content modules, editors were able to flexibly and individually insert the entire website from the original CMS into the new Shopify website within a short period of time.

Here's the link to Shopify's current CMS features that come with every store from the start: shopify.com/ecommerce-cms

The result

Geuder was able to present the new brand on the Shopify website just in time for its most important trade fair. Shopify also scores surprisingly well as a pure CMS, which could be implemented in just a few weeks. We made many adjustments to the frontend possible and made the training for editors self-explanatory. Individual CMS features could now be implemented natively thanks to the new meta objects. So there is a good reason why some websites without a sales channel are implemented with Shopify. Especially when a scalable online sales platform is needed as an outlook, the previous presentation website can be prepared very well with Shopify.

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