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The Smart Dresser - B2C Shopify

Retailer The Smart Dresser offers fashion for the sporty casual look. The selection of brands and clothing items tailored to soccer fans, as well as the weekly recommendation of the "MatchDay Outfit," help customers look stylish even in sporty, practical clothing.


Online sales have increased steadily over the years, partly because the retailer has repeatedly provided new offers and features in the store that customers have been happy to accept. Each of these changes involved quite a lot of effort for the Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) store system. In addition, there were high expenses for maintenance and servicing through updates in the self-hosted system. During campaigns, the performance of the server had to be increased manually so that the store would not become too slow due to the high traffic. Many ideas such as an extensive product filter were discarded due to the necessary adjustments in the complex data structure. As concrete plans for expansion and internationalization were made, the desire for a better solution grew stronger.

The Smart Dresser


The requirements for the new store were worked out in detail, documented and concretized with feasibility tests. The design was developed individually for The Smart Dresser brand in close feedback loops.

The store was completely migrated from the self-hosted store system Magento to SAAS solution Shopify. All products were imported and connected to the existing inventory management system Pixi. In the process, a lot of data relevant to the merchant's workflow was enriched. Images could be transferred by cropping them in the new format and optimizing their file size.

All functions that existed before were rebuilt and supplemented with additional ones. Partly through self-programmed functions, partly through existing Shopify apps. Thanks to the individually programmed Shopify OS2.0 theme, all design wishes were implemented.

The internationalization could be implemented very easily with Shopify, so that the store is now available in 5 languages, displays two currencies and offers different local payment methods depending on the billing address.


The store is now state-of-the-art and runs very stable even with very high traffic. The performance is now worry-free.

Implemented internationalization could immediately increase the reach noticeably. Multilingualism in German, English, French, Italian and Dutch very easy to implement and manage thanks to the combination of Shopify and Weglot.

Individual programming such as the product filter or the product drop function clearly set the store apart from the competition. Other functions such as Bundled Products, Coupons or Free Gift were implemented with selected apps, which offer the Shop Manager:in many more marketing opportunities than before. Also the connection to the email marketing service Klaviyo now runs hand in hand with Shopify.

Through Shopify OS2.0 theme, store managers can now easily build landing pages and promote their offers with the multiple marketing tools. Campaigns can be implemented much easier.


With this solution, the retailer has made the leap into international business. Everything can now be quickly adapted and expanded to meet new requirements. The budget is now used in new development for the store's users or the tools for the store manager:in and not for maintenance and upkeep. This puts The Smart Dresser in an excellent position for future business developments and challenges.

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