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HACH - Greeting cards designer

Implementation of a configurator for the creation of greeting cards. Prepared layouts can be filled freely by the user and customized in many ways. A preview shows the result. The finished design is sent directly to print as a printable PDF. This saves time and effort and the individually designed card can be delivered quickly.

The challenge

Customers order gifts for their employees, customers, service providers, etc. at HACH . Often these gifts are also sent with a greeting card. In order to be able to design these individually as well, another configurator is needed for the customers. It should be possible to display different greeting card formats. The result should be able to be sent directly to the print shop as a printable PDF.


The solution

A "greeting card designer" has been developed. In it, images and texts can also be uploaded and the print can be ordered OnDemand (and sent immediately if desired).

The product development of the configurator was done agilely in several cycles. The team of Kombinat and the product owner of the customer develop a WebApp based on the framework vue.js, which is integrated into Magento. In the process, the cards are designed by designers and different areas are prepared for customization by the customer. The customer finds the card in different color themes and can then create the individual card with their own photos and texts.

The finished cards are each generated as a complete print file and can be printed directly without further processing. This means that the Web2Print route is fully automated and the finished cards can be delivered very quickly. If desired, also directly to the recipients.

The benefit

Customers can now create matching greeting cards alongside the gifts. The seamless transfer of the print file to the printer makes the entire process quick and easy, even for HACH. The technical decision for vue.js has proven itself in the fast development time and easy implementation of customizations.

The result

HACH was able to successfully expand its target group with this new offering. At the same time, HACH is reinforcing its expertise as an expert in the digital distribution of on-demand print products with the "Greeting Card Designer" configurator.

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