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HACH - Article designer

Thanks to the product configurator, customers can precisely place their own graphics and text on advertising materials and calculate binding printing costs. Beforehand, the overview page of all products already displays a preview of the customer's own logo on a wide variety of items.

The challenge

Customers need predictable costs and a visual idea of the result. Until now, customers had submitted a graphic for this purpose, and support staff had clarified the order in a binding manner by talking to the customer and submitting sketches.

Now, own graphics such as logos and own text are to be able to be placed graphically directly in the online store. The binding price is to be generated dynamically depending on the print type, number of print areas and colors, and quantity. The design draft is to be transmitted to the prepress staff at HACH , who can then continue working with it straight away.


The solution

To enable customers to see their own graphics and text on the products, a quick "logo preview" was developed on the one hand: Customers upload their logo via drag and drop and the logo already appears on all printable products in the product overview. This makes it easy to see which products the logo will look best on.

Placeholder for logo preview video on Vimeo

For the exact design on a specific article, an "Article Designer" was developed. A separate WebApp that is integrated into Magento. In it, graphics can be uploaded and designed with text on the different products. The graphics can be stored in a library. The print price, depending on print type, colors and quantity, is calculated accurately and bindingly, so that the item can also be ordered immediately. No competitor could offer this and HACH was unique with this service for a long time!

The benefit

Customers can create their personal design in many ways. They can thus also present various suggestions internally and contribute more easily to the decision. This brings the store closer to the user and makes it more of a tool for the customer than a pure marketing interface. With these features, HACH was unique among the competition for a long time. A real USP!

The result

HACH has created a strong unique position for itself over many years with the "Article Designer" configurator. The customer can now order the product exactly according to individual wishes.

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