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User Experience Design

We make your brand an experience

We don't leave it to chance how your website feels, how it looks, whether it works understandably and whether anyone wants to use it at all. We develop this with you and your customers. So that your offer becomes an experience.

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Create a relevant offer

Avoid barriers for your customers

Gain competitive advantage

Avoid unnecessary

Clear process

User Experience Design is more than concept and graphic design. We understand it as a systematic approach to merge your business interests with the needs of your customers and the skills of all team members.

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Customer feedback

So that criticism and negative feedback from your customers doesn't become apparent only when the product is finished, we use simple methods to gather your customers' opinions before implementation.

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Digital brand

A website has its own technical logic and consists of much more than logo, font and your corporate colors. That's why we have professionals take care of all the design issues and build a design system that works in the implementation.

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Kombinat advises you comprehensively

Relevant features create a customer experience - this is how you strengthen trust in your brand

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User experience design as a process

UXD at Kombinat (PDF)
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Effective methods for the start


Context interviews

Even a few simple questions to your customers help identify interests and problem areas. We look over your customers' shoulders as they use the website. With as few as ten customers, we can identify trends that affect all users. So there's no need to get too academic to get to the heart of your customers.

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User Story Mapping

Each step in the customer journey is defined by a user story. This describes not only what a customer wants to do at a certain point, but also why he wants to do it. This method is particularly suitable for maintaining an overview and doing justice to all users. A map of your customers' needs is created.

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Design prototypes

Prototypes have the advantage that they can be produced relatively quickly and can be used to test specific functions and new interface ideas. Whether sketched on paper, as clickable wireframes or graphically fully developed user interfaces - prototypes can be used to test a new feature before it is implemented at great expense.

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Remote User Testing

Remote user tests are particularly suitable for systematically testing prototypes. There are now a number of services (SaaS) on the market that allow us to create professional test designs, define click paths, and acquire test subjects - all at a manageable budget.

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Design with system

Design systems are not simply style guides that provide static design specifications that no one adheres to in the end anyway.

Rather, we work with living documents that everyone involved in the project can access and contribute to. Design systems consist of the elementary building blocks for your website.

These are not only used by programmers as an important part for the implementation, but they are also the basis for any further development of your project.

Design system visualization

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