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September 2023

Set the course for your digital future

Strategy, target group and technology - workshops to get you on track.

We bring together strategic thinking, user-centricity and technical consulting. It's like a triad of focused and purposeful direction, empathy for users and a sound understanding of technological conditions. Sounds good, right? Let's work together on the key building blocks for your projects in three workshops.

Our workshop formats:

1. product vision

Work out your individual project goals with us - methodically and focused. We look at your project from different angles and identify your opportunities. This gives you clarity and an overview of the process, challenges and risks.

2. customer experience

Get to know your target group better and create more successful products. We work with you to develop meaningful solutions that your customers like to use. This way you avoid bad investments in products that are not used or understood.

3. digital infrastructure

Do you need a sparring partner for questions about your technical infrastructure? Together, we can identify solutions that are tailored to your company and fit for the future. That way, you can identify risks and prioritize your investments correctly.

Are you interested? Tell us about your situation. We offer you 30 minutes with our top consultants. You can book an appointment here.

We are convinced that personal dialog is the best basis for successful products. That's why our workshop formats are particularly close to our hearts. We will be happy to discuss with you which workshop is best suited to your individual situation in a free and non-binding meeting.

Simply arrange a consultation with us, by phone or video chat. You can book an appointment here.

Product Vision Workshop:

Develop a future vision together with us as a strategic guideline for the entire project. Better understand the goals and wishes of all stakeholders - especially those of your customers! Compare expectations and challenges with us and develop an idea of the path that leads to your goal.

We: Experts for e-commerce strategies

You: Management, responsible persons from marketing, sales and product management

Duration: approx. 6 hours (with restful breaks)

Location: In our conference room or other focused atmosphere without the distractions of day-to-day business, happy to video-call

Work Results:

  • Product Vision Canvas (the most important aspects of the project at a glance)
  • Product Vision Statement
  • Initial Project Roadmap
  • The good feeling of pulling together.

Procedure and contents:

  • Clarification of business goals and stakeholder interests
  • Determination of the target groups
  • Outline the most important functions (key features)
  • Discussion of the risks and challenges
  • Development of a product vision statement for the project

Customer Experience Workshop:

Take on the role of your target group and work with us to develop hypotheses about typical customers and their behavior. Identify essential touchpoints of the customer journey and create the basis for a product that your customers will love.

Us: User Experience Designer and Digital Strategist

You: Responsible persons from marketing, sales, product management and customer service

Duration: approx. 6h (with restful breaks - don't worry!)

Where: In our conference room or in another concentrated atmosphere without distractions of daily business.

Work Results:

  • Empathy maps or drafts for personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • User Stories

Procedure and contents:

  • Determine target group
  • Develop customer journeys
  • Formulate user stories
  • Recognize touchpoints
  • Evaluate touchpoints and outline solutions

Digital Infrastructure Workshop:

Let's put our heads together with our experts and clarify all the technical requirements of a project. What IT systems already exist in your company? Which technical solutions make sense? How does the IT infrastructure interact?

We: Experts for data structures and system architecture

You: Responsible persons from IT and management

Duration: approx. 6h (with restful breaks - relaxation guaranteed!)

Where: Gladly at your location, our opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. What.

Work Results:

  • IT system architecture sketch
  • technical conditions and restrictions
  • Recommendations for IT solutions
  • Catalog with technical requirements

Procedure and contents:

  • Outline existing infrastructure and systems
  • Clarify contact persons and dependencies
  • discuss technical solutions
  • Identify and evaluate priorities and risks

In addition to our workshops, we also offer other consulting services:

  • Digital transformation for manufacturers (SMEs)
  • User-Centered Products - Discovery, Design, Delivery
  • E-Commerce IT Systems
  • Agile project development (Scrum for agencies)
  • Strategy development for SMEs (EKS)
  • Usability audit for e-commerce
  • SEO strategies for e-commerce

You can also book our workshops independently of an implementation project. Have we aroused your interest?

What is your business model?

B2B, D2C, B2C or a hybrid? Or do different business areas need to be connected?

We are always curious and help you with our diverse experience

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