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September 2023

How to brief your online store agency - a quick guide

These few steps will give you more clarity for your project.

If you want to create or revise your online store, a briefing for the implementing agency is essential. The following roadmap will help you brief your IT service provider so well that your online store project will be a complete success. ‍

1. share your vision‍

You have great ideas - share them! Describe to your IT service provider what should make your online store stand out. What makes your business unique and how should that be reflected in your store?‍

2. define your goals‍

Clear goals, clear results! Set your goals and share them with your IT service provider. What revenue do you expect? How many visitors do you want to reach? The more concrete, the better.‍

3. determine content and design requirements‍

Do you have specific requirements or ideas for the design of your website? Show your corporate design specifications or examples of design preferences and color schemes. Approximately how many products will be listed? What product categories and subcategories are planned, what payment and shipping options should be offered?‍

4. are there any specific technical requirements?‍

Don't worry, you don't have to be an IT expert! Just list the features that your online store should have (e.g. search function, customer ratings, live chat, etc.). Are there any role models, concrete examples? - Show them. Your IT service provider will take care of the technical part so that your store is user-friendly and functional in the end. ‍

The following questions might also be helpful here:

  • Do you need a connection to a specific enterprise resource planning system?
  • Are there other systems or platforms that should be integrated into the store (e.g. CRM systems, email marketing software, etc.)?
  • What are the accessibility and mobile-friendliness requirements?
  • What are the requirements for data protection and security standards?
  • Do you have preferences regarding the content management system or e-commerce platform you use? (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento)
  • Who will manage the site after completion and do you need training?

5. what is the schedule and budget of your project?

Realistic deadlines are important! Give your IT service provider a realistic schedule and a fixed budget. This way, you can plan and implement your online store project together in the best possible way. If you are unsure or need support with one or the other question, just contact us. We will advise you comprehensively and gladly take care of the technical details and implementation.

You still have white spots in your project brief?

If you need support in creating your briefing, we would like to recommend the following workshop formats, among others:

  • Product Vision
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Product Vision Workshop

With the results from these workshops, you will not only get a clear vision and a targeted way to implement it, but also a wonderful basis for an extremely good briefing, which you can then use for various requests.

At Kombinat , we place great value on a professional, collaborative workflow. Our many years of experience in e-commerce flow into every project. With us, you benefit from our know-how and our passion for sustainable relationships. We are at your side to make your online store successful - together, step by step.

Our workflow:

  • Analysis
  • Definition
  • Concept and design
  • Prototype
  • Feedback
  • Production
  • Configuration
  • Release

You can learn more about our UX workflow here.

We can also advise you in these areas:

  • Digital transformation for manufacturers (SMEs)
  • User-Centered Products - Discovery, Design, Delivery
  • E-Commerce IT Systems
  • Strategy development for SMEs (EKS)
  • Usability audit for e-commerce
  • SEO strategies for e-commerce

We are looking forward to you and your project!

What is your business model?

B2B, D2C, B2C or a hybrid? Or do different business areas need to be connected?

We are always curious and help you with our diverse experience

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