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October 2023

Create a successful omnichannel strategy with Shopify

A good strategy is the key to success in e-commerce.

In this article, we'll give you some guidance on how to create such a strategy and show you specifically how Shopify can be used for this purpose. Answering the following questions will help you define your online strategy and adapt it to your target audience.

1. target group:

  • Who are your potential customers?
  • What are their demographic characteristics (age, gender, income, education, geographic location)?
  • What interests and needs do they have that your product or service can meet?
  • Where do they search for information or products like yours (e.g., online platforms, social media, search engines)?

2. objective:

  • What do you want to achieve with your online strategy?
  • Are you looking to increase sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness, or a combination of these goals?
  • What quantitative and qualitative goals do you want to set (e.g. revenue growth, number of website visitors, conversion rate)?
  • Product or service offering: What do you offer and how is it different from the competition?
  • What are the unique selling points (USPs) of your offer?
  • What price points and discount strategies do you want to use?
  • What sales or delivery terms do you offer (e.g. shipping costs, delivery time, return policy)?

3. sales channels:

  • Through which channels do you want to distribute your offer?
  • Which online platforms are best suited to your product or service (e.g. your own online store, marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, social media)?
  • Do you want to pursue an omnichannel strategy that includes offline channels like physical stores or events?
  • Marketing and communication: How do you want to draw attention to your offer and interact with your customers?
  • Which online marketing channels and tactics best fit your business (e.g., search engine optimization, paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing)?
  • How do you want to communicate your brand identity and message (e.g., visual elements, tonality, storytelling)?
  • What customer loyalty measures do you want to use (e.g., loyalty programs, personalized offers, customer support)?

4. technology and infrastructure:

  • What technical solutions and resources do you need to implement your online strategy?
  • Which e-commerce platform best fits your needs (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento)?
  • Do you need additional tools or integrations for inventory management, payment processing, shipping, or marketing automation?
  • How would you like to measure and optimize the performance of your online strategy?

Admittedly, that's a lot of questions. But by answering them, you have not only created a compass for future (investment) decisions, but can also provide your employees and service providers with a clear briefing.

If you need support for this process, please contact us. We can help you with advice. You can book a free first appointment here.

We can also offer you different workshop formats for your process, such as persona creation and user journey.

Now we come to the implementation of your strategy.

Delighted customers and increasing sales - thanks to omnichannel sales with Shopify

As Shopify enthusiasts, we now want to show you how to implement your omnichannel strategies with Shopify. So in the following section, we'll show you how to use Shopify to keep your customers happy and increase your sales.

Omnichannel sales: deepening customer loyalty

The key to a successful omnichannel sales strategy is to deepen customer relationships. By connecting the channels that are relevant to your target audience (online store, social media, and physical stores), you create a shopping experience that excites your customers. Shopify provides you with the interfaces to these sales channels directly. So it's the system where all the threads come together.

This makes Shopify the perfect assistant for a smooth and engaging sales process.

1. synchronized inventory management: keep control of your inventory:

With Shopify, you can easily sync your inventory to keep track of your stock. This allows you to sell more efficiently and keep your customers happy.

2. POS integration: Seamless connection of online and offline sales:

Shopify blurs the lines between online and offline sales with its POS integration. Your customers can store from the comfort of their own home or visit your store to experience your world-class service.

3. customer loyalty with style: effective marketing tools:

To make your omnichannel sales even more engaging, Shopify offers smart marketing tools. You can send personalized emails, offer discounts, and introduce loyalty programs that make customers' hearts beat faster.

4. analytics and reports: make data-based decisions:

Shopify's analytics and reporting capabilities give you valuable insights into your sales success. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your sales strategy.

When you cleverly combine the power of Shopify and an omnichannel sales strategy, you're well on your way to full e-commerce success. Now it's up to you to delight your customers with charm and friendliness and make your business thrive.

Customized online strategies with Kombinat

The creation of an effective online strategy is therefore essential for your success in e-commerce. As described above, aspects such as target group analysis, objectives, product or service offering, sales channels, marketing and communication as well as technology and infrastructure play a decisive role. By answering the questions listed above, you will have a solid basis for developing your individual online strategy.

Offer from Kombinat: Support and expertise for your e-commerce success

Kombinat offers you comprehensive support in the development and implementation of your online strategy. We bring years of e-commerce experience and extensive knowledge of best practices in the industry. What you can expect from us:

1. individual consultation:

We listen carefully and work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals. Together, we develop a customized online strategy that drives your business forward.

2. implementation and technical support:

Our experienced team will help you select and implement the right e-commerce platform, tools and integrations to successfully execute your online strategy.

3. marketing and communication strategies:

We support you in the development and implementation of effective marketing and communication measures that are tailored to your target group and strengthen your brand identity.

4. performance measurement and optimization:

We help you define the success metrics of your online strategy, measure performance, and make data-driven optimizations to continuously achieve your goals.

5. sustainable cooperation:

We are convinced of success through sustainable business relationships and trusting cooperation. With our experience and expertise, we are the ideal partner for your growth in online business.

What is your business model?

B2B, D2C, B2C or a hybrid? Or do different business areas need to be connected?

We are always curious and help you with our diverse experience

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